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Laugarvatn is around 100 km from Reykjavík, placed midways between Þingvellir and Gullfoss- in the heart of the Golden Circle. The shortest way from Reykjavík is through Þingvellir (road 36 and thereafter 365). The longer way is towards Selfoss but turn left shortly before you get there for road no. 35 and then take no.37 which takes you directly to Laugarvatn.

Laugarvatn has since long ago been a settlement for education and a popular summer resort among Icelanders. Today the population of Laugarvatn is around 250 but the number doubles during the winter months when the students arrive.

In the Laugardalur valley is a big area of cottages, hence there are various opportunity for leisure, i.e. one of the countries best sports-hall together with a swimmingpool and a fantastic sports-ground, natural steambath and an opportunity to rent boats and windsurfing boards. All around Laugarvatn you'll find lots of good walking paths, a golfcourse and an opportunity for angling in rivers and lakes

Opening hours may vary. Please check our Facebook page or call +354 8989599 for further info.
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